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My Technodrum Podcast #13 ( Herr Oppermann )

Welcome to the Technodrum Podcast Series#13 mixed by Herr Oppermann from Hamburg, Germany.

Herr Oppermann (DJ)

Herr Oppermann – Tächno Party @ Fundbureau Hamburg

Playing at the famous Fundbureau Club in Hamburg on the „Tächno“ Party, 12.01.2018. Thanks for…

Herr Oppermann (DJ)

I am Frost | Dead End (Herr Oppermann Remix) [Pre Master]

A little bit proud to present my first work as a remix of I am…

Herr Oppermann (DJ)

Herr Oppermann B2B Dominic Duve B2B @ Uebel & Gefährlich

Oben Unten Alles – Bunker Night, 07.10.2017 @ Uebel & Gefährlich Liverecording Dominic Duve B2B…

Herr Oppermann (DJ)

Wasserstoffbäroxid |

I had the pleasure to record a podcast for Klangextase.

Herr Oppermann (DJ)

ELECTRIC FABRIC Podcast 081 – Bek & Herr Oppermann

Willkommen zur Juli-Ausgabe des Electric Fabric Podcasts mit der Katalognummer 081.

Herr Oppermann (DJ)

Herr Oppermann´s next Gigs:

 Kasematte 20
Hamburg, Germany,

Juicy Beats Festival
Dortmund, Germany,